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Jessica Seinfeld

Guest Editor Jessica Seinfeld
Guest Editor Jessica Seinfeld

I started cooking at a young age to help my mother get dinner on the table while she commuted home from work.  My parents both worked, so after school I put together elaborate snacks, which helped me grow into someone who was very comfortable around food and the kitchen.

My love for the fun and debaucherous dinner party was born then and continues to this day.

I worked in many restaurants in high school and college, and would cook for my roommates. My love for the fun and debaucherous dinner party was born then and continues to this day, along with my commitment to cooking for my family almost every night.

I wrote my third cookbook, The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!, to help others do the same. Some cookbooks and recipe sites can be daunting, but in my new book, simple instructions, simple ingredients and simple techniques and quick How-To video’s make home-cooked meals attainable.

Through this new book and my website, do it Delicious, I hope to help even the most timid cook gain the confidence he or she needs to succeed in the kitchen and transform “I Cant’s” into “I Cans”!

This week, I’m celebrating the launch of my new cookbook as Guest Editor on Kitchen Daily! Explore some of my favorite recipes, my cooking tips that’ll help even the “Can’t” cook, my favorite cookbooks of all-time and take a peek into what a family dinner is really like at my home.

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Guest Editor Jessica Seinfeld

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