"For some of you lovely people, the word 'entertaining' or 'elegant', when used regarding food, might be intimidating, scary or simply dreadful. But why?" asks Fabio Viviani.

Known for his larger-than-life personality on several Top Chef franchise shows, Fabio Viviani knows a thing or two about cooking for a party. Lucky for us he's shared his best-kept secrets for preparing the ultimate get-together. His biggest take-home message? "Don't sweat the details, people. If you can grasp the big picture, the details will work themselves out—the prosciutto always brings itself home somehow... That's what my grandpa used to say."

Fabio goes back to the basics to help you simplify party preparation and add new dimension to your cooking. "Don't forget to send Uncle Fabio an invite, I don’t like to be a party crasher," he jokes. "I'll bring a bottle of red and white over to make sure that everyone is happy, too."

Check out the slideshow above for Fabio Viviani's 12 best insider secrets.

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