6 Cool Ways to Celebrate the New Year (R.I.P. Ugly Sweater Parties)

Kitchen Daily 12/30/13

For years ugly sweater parties have been the go-to theme for celebrating everything from Christmas to store openings to concert performances. Now that major retailers are in on the joke, ugly sweaters aren't even ugly anymore. And what's the point of an ugly sweater that's not ugly? Now that's ironic. (Too bad we can't claim the end of these.)

With so much attention paid to our collective ugly sweater party moment, New Year's Eve themes seemed an afterthought of noisemakers and tinsel crowns. No more. Revel in 2014's shift from ironic to high end and add a touch of elegance to your soiree. Throw a Chinese-themed event celebrating the Year of the Wood Horse, or add a black-and-white photo booth to the mix in honor of the selfie. Think you'll miss the competitive spirit from those ugly sweater parties? Host a color party and ask guests to come dressed in the color you've chosen. Give a prize to the guest with the best color-themed ensemble.

Check out the slideshow above for great New Year's Eve party themes.

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