bon appetit

By Danielle Walsh

We're pretty thrilled with the Mexican restaurants that have been popping up lately, with their sopes and huaraches--not to mention the proliferation of gourmet tacos--and nary a single taco salad (with a crunchy-soggy tortilla bowl) in sight. Right on. But when we found out that Boston chef Michael Schlow of Via Matta and Radius was opening a Mexican restaurant called Barrio Cantina in the space of his old comfort-food joint, Happy's, we were surprised to see a whole section of the menu dedicated to quesadillas. Then we realized it was a brilliant idea.

"Quesadillas are the ultimate snack," Schlow says. "They're fast, they're crispy, they're gooey. They can be so many things. They're just a great vehicle for flavor." Next time we're in Boston, we'll stop by for a 'dilla and a wicked cold beeeah before a Sox game. Till then, we'll be cooking up our own, so we asked Schlow for some pro tips on making the crispiest quesadillas this side of the Charles River.

Check them out in the slideshow above.

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