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iVillage 2/5/13

Everyone loves quesadillas. It’s hard not to like melted cheese sandwiched between two carbs!

There are multiple ways to make a quesadilla: grilling, pan sautéing and broiling are three that are very accessible and yield great results every time.

A few helpful tips: Cooking the first batch of tortillas on their own before you fill the quesadillas saves you the skilled chore of flipping them, which can result in a quesadilla piñata – meaning the filling flies out all over the place. Not fun. Also, make sure to really chop up any ingredients you use for filling so that they stay put inside the quesadilla. And don't leave the stove or zone out when you are making quesadillas – they go from golden brown to not-so-golden-brown quite quickly.

Quesadillas make a great lunch or dinner paired up with a salad if you like. And don’t forget about them as appetizers – festive, fun, easy. If you want to make a party out of it, put out different bowls of shredded cheese and various fillings and let everyone be creative. Kids love helping with this. (Supervise the cooking for the little ones, of course!)

If you want to go beyond plain old cheese -- not that there’s anything wrong with that! -- check out these five creations in our slideshow above!

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