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Maple syrup has long reigned over pancakes and waffles, so why not change up the routine with a fruit sauce? Drizzling -- or pouring -- a sauce with chunks of apples and pears over your pancakes will surely wake up your taste buds.

Here are tips for making a delicious fruit sauce to brighten your breakfast routine:

Choose in-season fruit. Apples, pears, pomegranates, cranberries, figs, certain cherries and plums, and oranges are all readily available this time of year.

Add some flavor. While in-season fruit is always flavorful, adding a cinnamon or vanilla stick, or some freshly squeezed lemon juice will give your fruit sauce some depth. Some recipes even call for grated ginger and a little salt. Cooking the fruit with brown sugar and a dab of butter adds richness, and orange juice also makes a nice base for sauces.

Pick a perfect pair. Apples and pears make a nice flavor combination, but consider shaking things up by pairing plums with pears, cranberries with apples, or oranges with cherries.

Can't give up syrup? If fruit sauces sound appealing, but you just can't give up the sticky goodness of maple syrup, use syrup as a base. The fruit flavors will infuse into the syrup and you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Cook it up. Peel and core the fruit of your choice. Chop the fruit as small or large as you want -- just remember the natural juices will come out and the size of your fruit chunks will reduce. To your sauce pan, add butter and brown sugar, or simply toss in the fruit and any other flavors to your liking. Bring to a low boil and heat the fruit as much as you like. If you want a smoother texture, consider straining the sauce.

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