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Food52 5/8/14

Most of the time, we’d rather let good food be good on its own. We simply blanch and season spring's first asparagus; the only thing we give a good steak is a good sear; and we know that a tomato in the height of August needs nothing but a sprinkle of salt. To imperialize great food -- to overtake it with sauce, to meddle -- is only to cover it up.

But there’s an exception to this rule, and it’s the hard-cooked egg, which begs for a little help. It begs for deviling.

And so we devil: We remove the yolks, in hopes of making them better than the chicken could have ever dreamed, and we plunk them back from whence they came, new and improved and delicious next to a cold cocktail.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how to make deviled eggs without a recipe.

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This article originally appeared on Food52.com: How to Make Deviled Eggs Without a Recipe.

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