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The phrase "mind altering" might not conjure up a hot cup of tea but maybe it should. Research has found that tea may play a role in changing your mood, helping you feel less depressed, more alert and even energetic. Tea has also been linked to lower rates of some cancers, reduced risk for heart disease and stroke, and may protect against Alzheimer's. With tea regularly making the list of superfoods we all need, it's no surprise that half of all Americans drink it daily.

The benefits are seemingly endless and so are the ways you can use tea to alter your mood. Drinking a hot cup of tea is always an option, but so is using it to scent a room. Consider making tea potpourri and satchels, or burning tea candles and infusers. Bath time events gets a boost from tea with soaps and oils.

Try these teas to create the mood you want:

Happy: Herbal teas with lemon verbena
Energized: Green tea or black chai
Productive: Green and black teas
Creative: Rooibos herbal teas
Stress Free: Honeybush and herbal chai blends
Calm: Teas with chamomile or lemongrass
Rest: Herbal teas with chamomile and lavender
Curing: Chai, herbal blends with ginger or chamomile

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