Juicy, sweet and delicious, peaches are the world's oldest cultivated fruit. Here are our tips for picking the perfect peach.

  • Color: To determine if a peach is ripe enough to eat, check the peach's color for a yellow background with no hint of green. Different peach varieties have differing amounts of red blush in their natural coloring--so you can't use red coloring as an idicator of ripeness. 
  • Softness: Feel the peach by gently applying pressue; it should give a little in the palm of your hand. Don't worry about the peach being too firm--peaches ripen at room temperature, so they will continue to soften as time goes on.
  • Smell: Ripe peaches smell sweet!


Peaches are typically in season in the United States during the summer months--June, July and August. Peaches are great for freezing, canning and making jam.


Our Favorite Peach Recipes:



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