How Pie Birds Will Save Your Holiday Fruit Pie

Kitchen Daily 12/22/13

Pie season is officially at peak season. Can you even recall a holiday party you've hosted or attended recently that didn't have a pie in the dessert spread? Probably not. Which means you've likely had your fair share of well-meaning pies that are just a little soggy.

There's a fix and it's called a pie bird. Shaped like a little bird with an open beak, pie birds are ceramic vents that allow steam to escape your fruit pie while cooking. They help prevent soggy crusts and fillings from spilling over. Just insert it into your two-crust fruit pie and bake.

Vintage and new versions are popular. If you're thinking of bringing a pie to a holiday party, include a pie bird with a coordinating pie dish as a hostess gift.

Check out the slideshow above for holiday pie recipes.

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