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Hounds in the Kitchen

Some preserves are easy, some are drastically cheaper than store-bought, and some are tastier than anything you can buy. Alas, homemade ketchup is none of these things.

Learn how to make this Homemade Ketchup.

So I can’t exactly explain why I make it every year.

I suppose I can ketchup because processing all the jars of regular sauce becomes boring. And when I’m in the midst of tomato madness, condensing a little puree with spices isn’t any extra trouble – it is, in fact, a welcome chance to do something different.


Last year I improved my ketchup method by cooking the sauce down in a slow cooker. This prevents the bottom from scorching and makes it easy to leave the house or do other chores during the lengthy, oh so lengthy, cooking period.

While ketchup doesn’t meet any of my traditional characteristics of a recommended preserve, HITK readers have asked for my recipe.

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Tags: Sauce & Condiment, Tomato, American

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