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The holidays consume so much of our brains this time of year -- especially since this season feels rushed thanks to a late Thanksgiving. That means something has to fall through the cracks and it's probably your daily cooking routine. Maybe you're sleepwalking through breakfast because you're up late wrapping presents, or dinners are a mess because you have to run to yet another holiday event at your kid's school. Either way, a little help is in order.

Muffin tin meals are the perfect fix for this time of year when it feels like we're just getting by between the holidays. Put some extra mileage on your muffin tin or cupcake pan by making complete meals in it that are portable, easy to freeze in bulk and make life easier. Serve at breakfast, lunch or dinner throughout the week. Before you know it, your muffin tin will join the workhorse ranks of your crock pot.

While practically anything's possible in a muffin tin, you don't have to stretch your imagination at all -- just make your go-to recipes like meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas, or stew. About half an hour in the kitchen this weekend will save you hours next week. Not to mention how good you'll feel knowing the kids got healthy home cooked meals when you haven't touched your oven in days.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how to make muffin tin recipes that will inspire some time-saving meals:

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