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It’s back-to-school time, and for many of us, that means back-to-baking time, as the new school year brings with it many after-school and weekend bake sales. This time of year is fun for kids, but can be a little stressful for parents who are deciding what to bake. To ease you back into the bake-sale season, we’ve rounded up a few quick and easy recipes that that will please both you and the kids.

The two most iconic bake-sale items and crowd favorites are fudgy brownies and chocolate chip cookies. To make your next bake sale a hit, we’ve taken these American classics and added a new twist. With a few "secret" ingredients like ground cinnamon and flavored extracts, these traditional desserts are given new flavors while still maintaining their traditional appeal.

Bake sales are not only for a good cause, but they bring the community together, too. Rock this year’s bake sale and support your local cause with a few simple additions to classic desserts.

Check out the slideshow above for jazzed-up brownies and cookies that the kids (and adults) will devour.

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