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Kitchen Daily 1/16/13

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Ever wonder where eggs come from? (And before you even try to say "a chicken, of course," we should clarify that we're thinking a bit larger.) Maybe it's time we start asking some questions. Sure, everyone reads the labels on the packaging, but do they really understand what they mean?

95 percent of eggs sold in the United States come from industrial chicken warehouses. Whether in battery-cages, cage-free or free-range, most hens live in tight headquarters, with up to 100,000 hens per warehouse. This not only speaks to the quality of life for the hen, but the overall quality of the eggs we consume. 

Concerned about where your food is coming from? We're here to inform and educate you on the basics of buying eggs. Check out our slideshow above to learn more.

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For more on Food and Lifestyle visit AOL.com

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