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The news greeted us with word that the Midwest has another bout of freezing temperatures on the way. Trips are being cancelled and families are trapped indoors yet again. Can you say, "cabin fever"?

Your DVR is probably probably getting a workout, as is that DVD the kids seem to have on permanent repeat. Maybe you're feeling like you've crushed enough candy and the kids have popped enough balloons. If so, it's time to unplug.

If you liked these ideas for an unplugged family game night, why not make it a tradition? This time, work off some of that extra energy with physical games the whole family can play. We searched the internet again, this time for fun ideas that will get you moving. Kids will be grateful for the action since there's not much bike riding or snowman building on these frigid days. Let the family bonding begin!

Family Night Games Get Physical
Magic Ball. Instead of a traditional Freeze Dance game where everyone dances together, the spotlight's on you! One player dances to music holding a large ball while everyone else watches. The DJ pauses the music and the dancer must pass the ball to another player, who then starts to dance. Players must pass the ball in a different way each time. This game is great for young children who'll find passing the ball a fun challenge. Bust a move!

Animal Party Game. You'll need a long room to play this favorite party game and two designated "safe zones" for two teams. First, divide into two groups. Team one chooses an animal to imitate and at the count of three, all team members must silently act out the animal. If someone on the second team wants to guess the animal, they raise their hand. If the guess is correct, the second team can run toward the first and try to tag players out. Whoever gets tagged switches teams. This game lasts as long as you want since there are no winners.

Skillful Toes. Create one pile of quarters or dice for each player. Using the toes on one foot, players have 60 seconds to pick up as many quarters or dice as they can and move them into a bowl. The person who grabbed the most objects with their toes wins!

Clap Ball. You remember this one -- toss a ball into the air and clap before catching it. See how many times players can clap before they catch the ball.

Hot Potato. Hot potato, hot potato, hot potato, hot! Sit in a circle and toss a ball of bean sack shouting "hot potato!" as music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the hot potato is out.

Hip Waddle. Players stand side by side with a ball between their hips. Try to walk across the room without dropping the ball. Have the whole family line up and try to do it together.

Treasure Hunt. Have the family choose a theme and collect objects from around the house that match the theme. One person hides all the objects and the remaining players go on the treasure hunt. Set a time limit -- the person with the most objects wins.

Don't Drop the Cabbage. Can you do two things at once? You'd be surprised by how tricky this can get. In Don't Drop the Cabbage, two players sit knee-to-knee and toss a ball to each other. At each catch, a player must say one of the next word in this sequence: Don't Drop the Cabbage. Whoever drops the cabbage must stand up and do a silly dance. Every time you successfully complete the sentence, move one foot apart and start again. Want to make it more challenging for older kids? Try adding a clap to the mix.

Cross the Lava. Tape pieces of paper ("stepping stones") to your floor and have kids jump from sheet to sheet to "cross the lava." If someone misses the paper, they start from the beginning. Make two parallel courses to add a time challenge to the mix.

Crab Carry. The object of the game is to pick up a toy or book (something you won't mind falling) and carry it to to organizer while walking like a crab. Not as easy as you think!

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