bon appetit

Spring is here! Which means you want to scour every surface of your house, purge your wardrobe of stuff you haven't worn in over a year, and remove dust bunnies to make room for the Easter bunny. But there's one place in your house that you dread cleaning, not knowing what lurks behind its deceptively pure, white door.

No, it's not your bathroom sink. It's your refrigerator.

Baby steps. The first one: use up all those odds and ends in the crisper drawer, the dairy section--every nook and cranny. A link of chorizo? Chop it up and throw it in a soup. A bunch of kale? Saute it and toss with pasta. Check out the slideshow above for six dishes that can mold themselves around whatever you've got.

Well, except for that funky jar of old mayo. But you'll deal with that later.

Check out the slideshow above to find six fridge-cleaning recipes to turn scraps into supper.

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