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Serving size 2

It’s our motto and our morning beverage. Green juice is the rock-solid foundation of my crazy sexy life. Almost all of my juice recipes start with one or two cukes. Cucumber is the perfect base since it yields lots of mild and refreshing juice and minerals, and it’s a fountain of alkalinity. Vive la révolution!

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1 large cucumber1 fistful of kale1 fistful of romaine3 celery stalks1 big broccoli stem1 green apple, quartered ½ peeled lemon, quartered


1. Wash and prep all ingredients.

2. Juice all ingredients.

Tags: Secrets of a Chef, Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Beverage, Gluten Free, Healthy, Low Calorie, Vegetarian, Cucumber, Apple, Easy

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