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Simply Sated

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Any flavor of ice cream combined with any flavor of soda. These beautiful desserts make any celebration memorable.


ice cream - any flavor soda beverage - carbonated soda in any flavor


  1. Fill a glass with scoops of ice cream and pour your favorite carbonated soda over the top.
  2. Let the carbonation settle a little, then repeat.
  3. Repeat as necessary until the glass is full.
  4. Serve immediately.
  5. Enjoy!

These are flavors I used for each color:
Red soda: Strawberry soda
White: 7-up
Blue: 7-Up with a few drops of blue food coloring added.*

*Be sure to use water-based food coloring so it blends completely. (For the pictures, I used Izze Blueberry soda and added some blue food coloring. I think 7-up might work better.)

For the full post, visit Simply Sated.

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