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JELL-O is a classic dessert. I remember the excitement I would feel when my mom would make her big bowl of jiggly JELL-O (with fruit, of course) for me as a little girl. Now as a mom of two little girls, I get to experience what it is like on the other end as I see my daughter’s faces light up when they take a big spoon full of delicious sweet JELL-O.

This Sparkling Raspberry JIGGLERS recipe put a fun twist on the classic JELL-O recipe by adding a fun layer. I decided to give it another twist by cutting them into snowflakes and putting the raspberries in between to make a cute JELL-O sandwich. My girls loved these and the JIGGLERS did not even last a full day in my house – especially when my husband got home and polished off the rest of the pan.

This recipe was so easy to make and my girls eagerly joined in on the fun by stirring the JELL-O and watching it as it firmed up in the refrigerator. Both of them were amazed at the way we were able to create two distinct layers for one dish. I know my girls will look back on moments like this with a smile, just like I do when thinking about making and eating JELL-O with my mom.


½ oz KNOX unflavored gelatin2 Tbsp sugar2 cup carbonated lemon-lime soda1 ¼ cup boiling water6 oz JELL-O raspberry flavor gelatin¼ cup cold water1 ⅓ cup fresh raspberries

Want to learn how to make the recipe? Follow the instructions in our slideshow above.

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