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4 lb chicken necks and backs1 3-pound rack of pork baby back ribs, cut into 4 sections1 large leek, halved lengthwise2 oz fresh ginger, thinly sliced 1/2 cup4 cloves garlic4 qt water½ cup shoyu or other soy sauce1 Tbsp vegetable oil1 3 1/2-pound boneless pork shoulder butt, trimmed and tied salt1 12-by-2-inch piece of kombu, seaweed Shoyu or other soy sauce, for seasoning and brushing16 oz 16 ounce dried chuka soba, curly noodles boiled until al dente5 oz baby spinach, steamed4 large soft-boiled egg, peeled and soaked for 1 hour in equal parts soy sauce and mirin sweet rice wine2 thinly sliced scallions


1. Make the Broth: In a large stockpot, combine the chicken, ribs, leek, ginger, garlic, water and shoyu. Bring to a boil.

2. Meanwhile, in a skillet, heat the oil. Season the pork butt with salt and brown it well on all sides over high heat, 12 minutes; transfer to the stockpot. Simmer the broth over moderately low heat for 2 hours, until the pork butt and ribs are just tender; skim any scum that rises to the surface. Transfer the pork butt and ribs to a platter and refrigerate. Strain the broth and discard the remaining solids.

3. Return the broth to the pot. Add the kombu and simmer over moderately low heat for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Let cool, then chill and refrigerate the broth overnight.

4. The Next Day, Prepare the Ramen: Preheat the broiler. Skim the fat off of the broth and discard the kombu. Bring the broth to a simmer. Season with shoyu and keep hot.

5. Untie the pork butt and slice it across the grain 1/3 inch thick. Cut the ribs between the bones. Arrange the pork slices and ribs on a large baking sheet and brush with shoyu. Broil 8 inches from the heat for 3 minutes, turning once, until the meat is crisp; keep warm.

6. Divide the cooked noodles among 8 bowls and ladle 1 1/2 cups of broth into each one. Add the spinach in piles. Drain the eggs, cut each one in half lengthwise and set a half in each bowl. Arrange 2 slices of pork butt and 1 rib in each bowl and garnish with the scallions and nori. Serve the ramen immediately, passing the rice vinegar and togarashi at the table.

Tags: Soup, Pasta, Asian

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