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It's always fun to shake up the tailgate a little bit. On the east coast most of our football games start at 1 PM (ET) so we end up tailgating at 9 AM. This is breakfast time so it's fun to serve a breakfast themed tailgate. A few weeks back my buddy and I packed up the truck with the grill, a cooler full of beer, eggs, and Taylor pork roll and headed to the parking lot. Here's what we grilled!


2 Taylor pork rolls2 eggs2 slices cheese English muffin butter


In the past I've posted about grilling Taylor Pork Roll. I love the stuff. It grills up fantastic and really tastes great with cheese on an English muffin. This year we raised the bar a little bit and fried eggs to add to the sandwich. This required the use of a cast iron skillet, which worked great for frying eggs on my little Weber kettle grill.


Check out the slideshow above for the directions!


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